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Ready. Set. Go! was an innovation of the VII In4Med. Due to its great success and importance to complement a medical student's curriculum, it lives on!


Our Pre-Courses consists of practical and hands-on moments for students to expand their clinical knowledge.


The Pre-Courses will take place during the afternoon of February 21st 2019.


Registration is open to ALL Medical Students (not only those registered for the VIII In4Med).

How Much?

Each pre-course costs 5€ (both for In4Med participants and non-participants).


Be fast to secure a place on January 21st at 9 p.m. GMT here.


Note: Ready. Set. GO! Pre-Courses are not included in the general ticket.

Basic Life Support – Automated External Defibrillator
It’s essential for the training of a medical student to know how to save a life.
Body Interact
Body Interact is a clinical simulation software intended for the education of medical doctors, nurses and medical students, with the aim of improving clinical practice in several therapeutic domains.
Broken Hearted: Simulation in Cardiology
If you are a student of the 5th or 6th medical school years and you want to fix your broken-hearted patients, but you don’t know how, here’s the perfect opportunity!

Find the Vessel and Keep Breathing
This pre-course was designed to help medical students to better understand the theoretical and practical issues concerning Intubation and Central Venous Catheterization.
Minor Surgery: An Introduction
Theoretical and practical workshop with cadavers where you can practice some surgical techniques.
Simulation in Pneumology
Can you imagine being in the ER and up comes a patient with a pneumothorax or an acute asthma case? You wish you weren’t panicking but you don’t know what to do, do you?

Trauma 101
Do you dream of being a first responder? Would you like to be the first to help trauma patients in dire situations? Then this pre-course is for you!

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