Debate: SNS: Private vs Public

The theme of the XII In4Med debate is “SNS: Private vs Public”. We bring you this debate that you will not want to miss, as it is certainly a controversial subject within the medical-scientific community. We intend to understand the Portuguese reality, the consequences of these acts and the position of the scientific community on this topic. Opting for interminable waiting lists or unsustainable medical bills? Few resources available to everyone or never ending resources with little reach? Could both of these sectors be equally prepared to support the needs of the Portuguese population? Our debate brings you all of these questions and more! We await for you on the 16, 17, 18 and 19 of February to approach this theme that has so much taboos surrounding it on the XII edition of In4Med.


Inês Pinto

To top off the fantastic team of the debate “SNS: Private VS Public” In4Med counts with the presence of Inês Loureiro Pinto as the moderator. She majored in Communication Science and specialized in Journalism at the Universidade do Porto. Winner of the Prémio Universitário Revelação awarded by Apifarma and Clube de Jornalistas in 2021. She’s currently an environmental journalist of the Biosfera magazine at RTP2.


Álvaro Beleza

Dr. Álvaro Beleza, director of the Blood Service of the Hospital de Santa Maria, in Lisbon and president of SEDES- Association for Economic and Social Development, in addition to teaching Transfusion Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon. It will certainly bring a lot of knowledge to our debate

António Alvim

Dr. António Alvim, graduated in Medicine and postgraduate in Management of Health Units, family doctor, founder of the USF Rodrigues Miguéis, in Benfica. The diversity of his professional curriculum enabled him to manage the Clinical Analysis Laboratory, which resulted in a deep knowledge of the agreed sector, its virtualities and difficulties. Author of three articles in the Public Journal on Health Reform and several in the Medical Press. Promoter of the Private Medicine Meeting allied to the theme “Leaving Clandestinity” and a pioneer in the fight for reimbursement in medicines and complementary exams prescribed by Private Medicine. So we count with his presence in this debate and you don't want to lose it! Stay tuned for more news.

Luís Filipe Pereira

Luís Filipe Pereira, graduated in economics from the Instituto Superior de Economia and Minister of Health of the XV and XVI Constitutional Governments. He held management positions in the financial and management areas of several companies, namely, Sovena, Quimigal, EDP, Banco Mello, ADP, CUF and Efacec. He was President of the Portuguese Institute of Transport, President of the Portuguese Association of Industriais Large Consumers of Electric Energy and President of the Economic and Social Council. In the political field, he also held the positions of Secretary of State for Energy and Secretary of State for Social Security. In 2006, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.

Moisés Ferreira

More than 150,000 people use the SNS every day. This is a service with the aim of caring for, supporting and protecting health. But are all these rights being fulfilled? Our "SNS: Private vs Public" debate will count with the participation of Dr. Moisés Ferreira, trained in psychology, doctoral student and researcher at FPCEUP, deputy in Bloco de Esquerda in the XIII and XIV legislatures. In these legislatures, he was coordinator of the Bloco de Esquerda Parliamentary Group for the area of ​​Health, having integrated the Parliamentary Committee on Health. We are waiting for you!