Catarina Cunha & Inês Figueiredo

Get ready to be blown away as we unveil our keynote speakers on psychedelic therapy: Dr. Catarina Cunha and Dr. Inês Carmo Figueiredo. These renowned experts are the co-founders of SPACE (Portuguese Society for the Clinical Application of Psychedelics). Dr. Cunha, a resident psychiatrist at Magalhães Lemos Hospital, holds a postgraduate degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies and advanced specialization in Analytical Psychology. On the other hand, Dr. Figueiredo, a psychiatrist at Doctor Fernando Fonseca's Hospital, brings her expertise in ketamine-assisted therapy to the stage.

Joana Pereira

Let’s discover Military and Flight Medicine with Dr. Joana Certo Pereira, MD from Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon University, simultaneously with a Masters in Military Aeronautics from the Academia de Força Aérea, with a postgraduate degree in Aeronautical Medicine, Sports Medicine and Military Health. Dr. Joana is an Air Force Military Physician with functions in the Portuguese Air Force, as well as in the General Staff of the Armed Forces and is currently a cardiology resident at Hospital de Santa Cruz. Her participation in the United Nations Mission MINUSMA as Chief of the Medical-Sanitary Cell and gender advisor provided her with practical knowledge in a real life context that she wants to share with us. Don’t miss it!

Nuno Lobo Antunes

We will have a special Scientific Keynote by Dr. Nuno Lobo Antunes. He is a neuropediatrician and graduated in Medicine University of Lisbon. He was part of his training in the USA at Columbia University's Neurological Institute and Cornnell and has dedicated the last few years to intervention in the areas of development and behavior of children and adolescents. Dr. Lobo Antunes will join us by videocall.

Leo Otsuki

Leo Otsuki is a developmental biologist interested in understanding how stem cells and progenitor cells in the adult body could be harnessed for tissue regeneration and repair. He carried out his PhD in Andrea Brand’s group at the University of Cambridge (UK), where he studied neural stem cell quiescence using Drosophila as a model. Since 2018, Leo is working in the group of Elly Tanaka at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (Austria). His research is focussed on the axolotl (Mexican salamander), which is remarkably adept at tissue regeneration despite having a comparable body plan to humans. He is investigating how axolotls can regenerate an entire limb or spinal cord after injury, and makes use of genetic technologies and microscopic imaging.

Stefano Malinverni

Stefano Malinverni, specialist in Medical Emergency (Brussels in 2015), he was a student at Università Vita e Salute San Raffaele Milan (Italy 2008). With a very large curriculum, from head of service, consultant to visiting professor in both Belgium and Pakistan, he is currently head of service at CHU Saint Pierre, Brussels. With a PhD completed with a focus on post exposure prophylaxis by post exposure to the HIV virus. This lecture will certainly enrich your baggage of knowledge!